visual autorun autoplay CD brochure CD product catalog presentation builder creator software - data sheets, references, business cards, PDF DOC PowerPoint files collections...
CD FrontEnd, the autorun CD presentation, brochure, catalog creator program, is a VisualVision software...
CD FrontEnd allows you to create an autorun / autostart / autoplay CD presentation, a brochure / depliant, a CD business card; simple and complex CD menus
You can include on the CD almost anything you want to distribute (PDF documents, ZIP, MP3, Power Point files, video files MPEG AVI WMV or else, your software, etc. the possibilities are endless). 
The user simply inserts the CD, then a (possibly) full screen window displays a Web-like presentation. Within this screen you can include buttons or links for launching self extracting EXE files, PDF, ZIP, MP3 or whatever else you might want to include on the CD. These items can be placed anywhere on the CD - and... the program requires no confirmations before installing! On top of all this, you can easily include links to any license agreement or additional information, etc. No hassles, no configuration files, no browsers needed! 
Now we will see how to create a basic CD step by step (any questions? post on the free user's forum): 
a) create a new temporary folder with the MSWindows File Explorer (File >New >Folder), say c:\MyTemp 
b) install the CDFrontEnd program (!) 
c) now you can run the program and you can create a presentation document. 
It could be a complex brochure... In this case, please see the PDF manual or the online manual in order to learn about all the other CD Front End features. 
Or it could be a simple menu, such as a list of buttons or links. 
E.g. you could type something like: 
- click here to see the Abcd PDF document 
- click here to see the Fbertdsds PPS presentation 
- click here to see the Rurrt Guuyy AVI movie 
Then you could highlight with the mouse or with the arrow keys each sentence (e.g. start with "click here to see the Abcd PDF document"), and use "Insert >Link to embedded file": this permits you to browse the hard disk and to select the file to be assigned to the link (for a more professional way to run / link files, see "How to run files" within the user's manual). 
d) should you want the CD to be shown "full screen" without any top menu, check the relevant check boxes in "Hypertext >Current Hypertext Properties" ("Reader screen" tab); 
e) Use "File >Create autorun CD in temporary folder...". You will be prompted for a temporary folder that will contain the copy of the CD. Choose the c:\MyTemp you created in step a). 
The program will show a dialog like this: 
autoplay CD creation 
You may choose "Browse..." to take a look at the temporary copy of the CD: 
The autorun CD in the temporary folder 
And you may also use the "Test" button to test the CD prior to the actual burning: please understand that some features such as the "links to external files" don't work in test mode. 
f) Open EasyCD (or Nero, or WinOnCD) and burn the temporary folder into the root of a CD. In the simplest case, the root (= main folder, the space that does exists in the CD even if there are no specific folders) of the CD will contain the files: 
In case you use links to "external files" then remember to include in the CD also these files, and folders, if any. 
g) Close all programs, insert the CD in the drive, and enjoy!! 
It's really easy! So, what are you waiting for? 
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easy and professional software for great people! 
With CDFrontEnd you will be able to: apply password cd protection, create autorun cd, html, file collection on cd, web like cds, brochures, presentations. CDFrontEnd is a CD and DVD creator, it is simple creating cd brochure ebrochure, it is easy to make cd roms.... not just a CD generator, but a visual, comprehensive, professional free self installing autorun autoplay software; cd menus, complex data sheets; nice slide show; you can make a autorun cd for your software, and any other multimedia cd; family CD, church, firm, business presentation; Download the free LITE edition of this autorun program application, you don't just autorun external things as ther is a quick fast editor, manager, the program itself is sufficient to make great depliant, CD, DVD. It's a reliable and affordable multimedia CD program, best buy for making brochure, create autostart, autoinstall, self install, build CD video presentation, cd with multimedia audio, video, PDF and DOC file collection, PowerPoint, PPT, PPS, Autocad, WAV, WMV, MPEG, Autocad, create cd business card, protect cdrom. Not just an  autoplay, cd autoplay, cd menu builder, purchase autoplay software, cd rom autoplay, design selfinstalling cd front end, selfrunning cd frontend, cdfrontend, place drop dead, expiry date on cd, forbid copy print, antigrabbing for images, disable printing, autorun, autorun cd, cd authoring software, populate catalogue from database, database import, CSV: DB, MS Access, Oracle, Fulcrum, Paradox, DBase, FoxPro, MySQL, Interbase, Firebird, DB2; It is easy to create a product catalog on cd automatically with CD FrontEnd! It is easy to create complex professional CDs with items, parts, file collections. 
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CD FrontEnd is a VisualVision software. 
autorun cd presentation software 
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CD Front End is a Visual Vision product 
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